A New Year – Let’s Have A Look at the Last One

I love this too!

My Other Loves

I can’t believe I have managed to keep up this blog for so long, I’m pretty proud of myself actually. I have come to enjoy blogging and being part of something. Discovering so many wonderful things from new techniques to new yarns and places to visit. This post is a picture collage and also celebration of the last year, looking back I remember all those moments and what a fantastic year it has been.


Admiring nature


Looking back over all these photos makes me proud – I’ve achieved a lot over this year. I have had so many good trips with good friends, continued with my blog (surprisingly, visited many beautiful places, graduated, found a job I like, enjoyed times with my family, drank numerous cups of tea and eaten many bowls of noodles, stressed out over exams and remained happy throughout. 

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CAL #54-56

Loving this.

HIJinKs Crochet

If you’re thinking, “She didn’t post CAL squares for months, and now she’s just whipping them out, all while not actually being here.” The truth is, I’ve been hording them for a little bit, and then there were other things to post, and then Christmas. Also, just last week, I sat down, after Christmas, and crocheted about 6 squares in a row. Looks like this project might be done by the beginning half of the year. 😀

I should be on my way back today, on a plane or stopped at some layover.

54. Framed Flower: So, for most of the squares on this page, I kept most the color schemes that the book had. The flower in the middle with the little cross is really nice, right?

framed flower

55. Centered Square: The center is basically a granny square. I was also trying out this denim colored yarn I…

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It’s a first – I’m making things and teaching AT THE SAME TIME

It’s been an immense week. First of all, I met this guy: http://www.thesumoguy.com/ who is one of the most brilliant and intelligent people I have ever met (he also works with Manchester City FC and Sir Clive Wooward – that’s how good he is), then the kids came back to school, which was lovely – I missed them over the holiday, then we made massive kites to fly outside (ideal weather for that here), then I apply to sell my crafts here: http://www.thevintagefair.com/ and get accepted (February 9th in Birmingham if you’re interested) and then I make this during my daily commute to work:

2014-01-09 20.45.53

I know. I’m obsessed with fans. This is a clutch bag. Yesterday morning it didn’t exist. This afternoon on the bus home, a little girl sat and watched me crochet and gave me a smile that made my day. And teaching? Well, I’m still doing it because I love the kids. The best feeling in the world is when a child says “I didn’t understand it, but now I do”. That also happened today. And tomorrow is Friday. Rejoice!


Happy New Year! Here’s some exciting new things that I have made!

Happy new year! New beginnings, fresh starts and exciting new projects to contemplate! Here are some finished works from previous posts (fan necklaces) and new projects (brooches, pendants and books). I will be selling these over in my Etsy shop soon. The weather is awful at the moment. It’s dark and stormy outside – but I have discovered the joys of Spotify, so I’m going to relax now with a nice cup of tea and do some crochet.


2014-01-06 17.02.51 2014-01-06 17.03.05 2014-01-06 17.05.00 2014-01-06 17.06.05 2014-01-06 17.06.43 2014-01-06 17.07.03 2014-01-06 17.07.20 2014-01-06 17.08.05 2014-01-06 17.08.41 2014-01-06 17.10.33 2014-01-06 17.11.34 2014-01-06 17.11.52 2014-01-06 17.13.25 2014-01-06 17.13.44 2014-01-06 17.14.27 2014-01-06 17.14.34 2014-01-06 17.14.48 2014-01-06 17.15.12 2014-01-06 17.15.25 2014-01-06 17.15.45 2014-01-06 17.27.03 2014-01-06 17.27.25 2014-01-06 17.34.29

Chinese Fan Necklaces

The mother of my lovely boyfriend, Sam, went on tour in November with her orchestra. She picked up some beautifully designed origami papers, which I have used for the fans, so I have been spending time with these, a laminator, a sewing machine and some beads. Super. They aren’t all totally finished yet – only the first one. I have ordered some more chain so that I can complete them as necklaces. Hope you like them!


2013-12-27 19.06.51 2013-12-27 19.07.39 2013-12-27 19.07.50 2013-12-27 19.09.46 2013-12-27 19.09.59 2013-12-27 19.10.34 2013-12-27 19.14.24 2013-12-27 19.14.26