It’s almost Spring. I can tell because everyone’s having babies.

Yeah. I can sense it. Come on Spring. You don’t fool me with your minus temperatures. I can take it. I can drink tea to keep warm. I can ride it. You, however, can’t hide from me – I saw the daffodils blooming the other day. There’s also Easter eggs in Tesco. You, sir/lady, have […]

The Groovy Fish and the Advent of the Crochet Bag……

No, not the name of my new groundbreaking novel, but the introduction of the grooviest fish in town. I tried to give this fish a little something different………maybe it’s trying too hard. Anyway, I am making a crochet bag with a single crochet stitch at the moment. Here is my progress so far: This is […]

My eyes have fallen out. I have sewn them into a fish.

Not happy with the previous fish I made, I wanted to improve on it by experimenting with a different design. It took me three hours and many different kinds of beads to make this. The best approach to beading I am finding at the moment is to create lines and circles! I love this fishy. […]

Some funny things that I have made for my boyfriend.

What an ominous title, you may think. Truth is, my boyfriend is cute and quirky, which requires much planning and thought for birthdays and Christmas etc. So! Knowing that he loves South Park and that you can’t buy a Clyde Frog anywhere (believe me, I checked), I made him one. 🙂 Which he loved. He […]

Beading 6-hour marathon!

I really wanted to make something glitzy and glamourous today…..something harking back to the 20’s. I decided upon a design and drew it onto light coloured felt (and got pen all over my hands). I cut it out and sewed it onto black felt. Then the beading began! Enjoy! I may make it into a […]